Indigo Dive Team

Our PADI dive professionals are dedicated to providing divers with service in accordance with PADI standards and we take great pride in the provision of world class dive training. The team at Indigo Dive are helpful, courteous and keen to ensure that you have an amazing time diving.

Kay Wilson


Andrew Joachim

Dive Master & watersports Assitant Manager

Dale Mascoll

PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

Kay took her first dive in 1989 and started diving professionally in 2004. She started Indigo Dive to offer a 5 star diving service tailored to the needs of the diver and chose St Vincent for its location because the diving is exceptional and offers something for everyone regardless of their level of experience or expectations.
Andrew has grown up within the hospitality industry. He has lived close to the ocean most of his life and has a great respetc for the environment.
Dale has spent most of his life in or on the waters that surround St Vincent. Our resident 'Fish ID' expert, he enjoys introducing new divers to the wonders beneath the waves.

Kai Best

Dive Master Intern

Tristan Hornsey

Dive Master Intern

James Walker

Dive Master

Kai is responsible for our Sea Monkees programme which provides watersports including surfing, sailing, diving and paddle boarding activities for young adults aged 14 years +.
Tristan was born in St Vincent and studied in both the UK and Barbados before returning home, and is now working towards becoming a Dive Master
James has been living in California for the past four years and recently returned to St Vincent to complete his Dive Master training. James is working with Kai on our Sea Monkees programme aimed at young adults aged 14 years +.

Otteron Carr

Dive Master Intern


Otteron is responsible for managing our dive equipment, ensuring that we always have enough tanks and that our top quality equipment is ready when we need it.